08 Sep

    *  S  W  A  G  G  W  I  L  L  A *

#Swaggwilla4eva is a whole movement in itself - Im thinkin bout my ni66a Swaggwilla right now that's why im writing this, I know you see the progression on a fast forward my boy. We goin across this finish line togetha still !! #Straightlacenochase #LegendaryStreetSht #EeatGreedyOrDieStarvin 

 Still cant believe how that sh** happened. Some things be hard to understand I know everybody lost somebody and still feel that pain when it cross they mind  RIP my boi- Make sure you enjoy the masterful lyrics of the l8 great SWAGG WILLA - check out the "4 You" video and take a glimpse inside the throwed mind of the young ambitious and talented Swaggwilla - #KeishaWill I aint stopping till we walkin in that bank - they got me f***** up frfr. 

My boi was goin in on they a$$ on that mic 4real - and really boyz was on some hata sht - robbed and killed by some f### ni66az - they cant stand to see a real ni66a shine. That hata sht  a damn shame -  Its ok though my boi, you know 4sho 4sho you still livin through your music family - watch this!

                                              Make sho yall soakin all this New New Sauce up frfr - RIH my boi - #Swaggwilla4eva #Hghdabent

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