"Bruh Man" by: Ezpz456 ft Swaggwilla

05 Aug

Ezpz456 & SwaggWilla always got a trick up our sleeve - if your up to date on whats going on then you know that my ace got killed bout a year ago and we was on a rampage with the music up until then so there will be a speratic splerge of tracks by Ezpz456 & Swaggwilla hittin yall across the head - so just be ready - "Bruh Man" by: Ezpz456 ft. SwaggWilla is another one we put together while we was in our Zone - we had a lot of fun making the song - I kind of fill like how Bruh Man use to creep in through the window from the 5th flow kinda explains our entrance in the game -

Check the song out Now on "The Hit List" - ( Bruh Man) 

Check out this new heat on the way by: Ezpz456 "Dont Worrie Bout Me" - Visual/ & Music on the way prod. by: ChrisOG - this song will be available soon on all platforms as well but you can go check out a sneak peak on the hit list - Its alot of new songs on the way and the 1st place they will be available is Ezpzhitcity.com so make sure you subscribe so you can see whats next 

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