"Razzle Dazzle"

27 Sep

R A Z Z L E  D A Z Z L E

Get ready to "Turn Up Da Drip" with ya girl -Razzle Dazzle-, Coming with some Certified Heat - This new record is off the chain, make sure you check it out and see whats really goin with this HOT NEW ARTIST coming out that Triple D" Dallas Tx area. This is only a sneak peak of whats yet to come, Razzle Dazzle and Ezpz456 have been in the kitchen cooking up some new mills fa real - so be on the look out for that !! @Razzle761 on ig

Speaking of look outs, Make sure yall enjoy the view at the same time - ya girl Razzle stay at a photoshoot and stay photoshoot ready - NEW VIDEO coming soon ….

Sneak Peak- "Turn Up Da Drip" Coming Soon like a movie- Stay tuned on the "Hit List" New Heat 4 The Streets" @Hghdabent Ezpzhitcity.com Keep ya ear to the street and don't be sleep !! New Underground Sensation

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