Nawflord Trl

05 Aug

Check out @Nawflord_Trl on instagram been putting in alot of work - New Release out now on all platforms- "Post2B" ft. Ezpz456 & Swaggwilla Available on all platforms - Spotify - itunes - TikTok - Napster - Google - Deezer- Apple Music - Always catch the new releases before they drop or listen for free at 


Listen to "Post 2 B" ft. Ezpz456 x Swaggwilla on your favorite streaming platform today !! A lot more to come by @Nawflord_Trl so make sure you stay tuned and follow - #OutThatLand #BlackMichealChorleone coming soon stay tuned on "The Hit List"

Listen to "Post2B" on your favorite streaming platforms - Click the link - Stream "Post 2 B" NOW

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