PICTURE THIS by: DinoDaGreat

New Arrival
New Arrival

Check out this Exclusive Heavy Hitter by: DinoDaGreat Now on (THE HITLIST) - watch LIVE PERFORMANCE in the (Ezpzhitcity Gallery) - You don't want to miss out on this frfr, You can be the 1st to pull up banging some real exclusive heat on ya street just "PICTURE THIS" For more DinoDaGreat follow @Dagreatdino on Instagram and Da Greatboss on Facebook !! Stay tuned for the merch - T- Shirts AVAILABLE SOON - New music on the way and make sure you stay ontop of the updates - Its a city to city tour underway very soon !!


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Check this New Heat Out !! New Heat 4 The Street !! - "PICTURE THIS" by: DinoDaGreat - 

Yessir my thug been puttin in work and dun cooked up this new exclusive, you know we gon always bring you that heat right here from the Futuristic Underground Ezpzhitcity.com & make sure you subscribe !! 

Check out this Video Clip of (DINODAGREAT) performing LIVE puttin on like never b4 !! See why you want to get this song and really rock with it - Follow @DaGreatDino on instagram and see whats coming next !!