"NO FUCK" @Ezpz456 prod. WanHov

New Arrival
New Arrival

Get the New Release of "No Fuck" by: Ezpz456 prod by. WanHov before the release !!! Check this song out at in (the Hit List) at the top #1 - No "No Fuck" product launch COMING SOON !! #Hghdabent Ezpzhitcity - Follow @Ezpz456 on instagram SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube at The Official Ezpz456


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NO FUCK  by: Ezpz456 prod by. Wan Hov

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Dont worrie bout all that otha sht thats going on and everybody else problems and opinions - put this new banga on and get in your zone and not give "No Fuck" !! Fa real  - #Hghdabent Ezpz456 puts you in a state of mind to win and not give in. Focus on your vision and F### the b.s.

Check out this song preview below so you can see what you getting yourself into! The 2nd verse a fool too so dont miss out on this exclusive release ahead of time - "NO FUCK" will be AVAILABLE ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS SOON