Bear Witne$$

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New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival
New Arrival

Bear Witness to Exclusive Fashion in rare form - Dont miss out on the new shipment of the New Product launch - This Sweater is a one of a kind Ezpz456 Exclusive Design - This is a HOT HOT item and they go VERY FAST - make sure you put your order in NOW while the sale is on !!! This will be the perfect gift for whoever you want to bear witness to whats really reaaaaally going on... AVAILABLE IN CANDY APPLE RED - COOL BLUE - NIGHT LIGHT WHITE & BLACK SATIN be sure to specify the size and color you want so we can get you all the way crispy . Make sure you subscribe to the website so you can BEAR WITNESS to whats next to come Follow the Designer for more exclusive fashion @Ezpz456 on instagram @Ezpz456 on Google

$55.55 $75.75(-26.67%)

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Make a hater hate when you walk by as the bear witness to a style they have yet to learn about in this New Exclusive Sweater - It works better when you match it up with the fit, so make sure you pic whatever color works for you...

It was ment for you to have this garment or you wouldnt have made it this far, So dont hesitate to treat yourself. When you look good you feel good & when you feel good you do good. 

100% Cotton fabric

Comfortable fit pull over sweater

Black whole fur bear head 

Ezpz456 Exclusive Designer Fashion 

                  YOU WILL - BEAR WITNE$$